These grant and scholarship opportunities have been made possible due to the generosity of our annual IETA conference sponsors. 100% of membership fees go directly back to our community via grants and scholarships.

IETA Grants

IETA awards up to $10,000 in grants each year. Grant proposals can be written for up to $2,000. Please note there is only one grant submission for each IETA member. IETA members can submit a grant or sponsor a non-member grant submission. Not an IETA member? Joining is easy – become a member today!

IETA Scholarships

IETA awards $2,000 in scholarships each year. The IETA Girls: College-bound scholarship is awarded to individual high school female seniors that are entering into a college program in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. This scholarship will follow the ACT guidelines for STEM to determine which majors of study qualify